Highlights of European stories Dissemination events in France

Looking back to 2021, the EU stories never stopped growing stronger in France, not only in Bordeaux, but also in Nice. We organized two events to inspire actors in eco-tourism and give them concrete tools.


It was the afternoon of 02/11 that we started to explore Bordeaux Bastide with our partner Alternative Urban, a local association that hold local tour to enhance the recognition of Bordeaux. Wondering in the old district of this City of Wine, the statue of General Toussaint L’ouverture which memories the abolition of slavery, Old shipyards which have been converted into restaurants. Stories of the local guide made the history of Bordeaux revive again, showing that a meaningful tour is more than just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The walk was followed by an evening at La Fabrique Pola for the opening of the Interactive work of Guillaumit Mit and 2ROQS.

This event aimed at highlighting the results of this project, around the narration of neighborhoods by their inhabitants, sustainable tourism and cultural works that tell differently the territories.


Furthermore, in the conference of eco-tourism “L’éco-tourisme, c’est dans notre culture” in Nice on 23/11,the director of our partner LABA, Sophie Génébeau has introduced the concept of European Stories to local authorities and experts in Eco-tourism. Under the topic of how to create and accompany cultural eco-tourism offer, Sophie presented the purpose and the results of European Stories, and the financial support of EU that permit to conduct different experiments, for instance about Eco-tourism.

The conference is in replay here: https://www.facebook.com/lababordeaux/videos/929831124296490

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