Krassi – The Singer, Plodiv, Bulgaria

From “Neighbourhoods of Plovdiv – TOGETHER” Project.
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Krassi, the Singer

There used to be a cinema in the schoolyard of the Hristo Yassenov School (now Kiril Nektariev). It held concerts, theatrical performances, song recitals, etc. Some ten years ago I organised a singing competition at the old market there, on Elba Street. It lasted a while, it took four or five months. I was teaching them to sing: a lot of work for three or four days and then they would present what they had learned in front of everybody else. So we did this several times. It turned out really well, everybody liked it immensely, and there were a lot of people.

Everyone would comment, “Come on now, when are you doing it again?” Mothers would bring their children to learn singing and dancing. This is what they wanted for their children and they liked it. There was a dance instructor there as well. Kids would rehearse singing for three days and then there was the competition on the fourth. Whoever is out is out. People get stimulated by such things.”

Krassi still sings but these days only for God, he says.

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