Michael Flynn, Arigna Mining Experience Tour Guide, Ireland

Arigna Mining Experience opened to the public in 2003, offering visitors a unique underground tour in what was Ireland’s last working coal mine. The Arigna Mining Experience visitor centre is in a beautiful location overlooking the picturesque Arigna Valley with panoramic views of Lough Allen and the surrounding mountains.

The guides (ex-miners) are part of the very fabric of what Arigna Mining Experience was built on. The pride the guides have is massively evident as they tell firsthand chilling stories and experiences of their lives as miners. It is clear the guides love to share their personal lived experience. With great pride, the tour guides like Michael Flynn, who we met in the video above, tell their own unique stories of their own era but also their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers eras keeping the local folklore and stories alive.

Source: Traveller Reviews – Arigna Mining Experience – Tripadvisor

During the underground tour, visitors experience what it was like to work in some of the narrowest coal seams in the western world. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes brings visitors to the coal face of the mine, exploring the methods used to extract coal.

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