Narrative 6000 – Maria Slavcheva


Every city takes part of the bigger history. Every person has his own story … and behind every corner there is another surprise N A R R A T I V E 6 0 0 0. In my case Stara Zagora is: – a city where I spend my childhood – a city which I left for a very long time – a city which took me back and let me discover its very own treasures again.


  • Built in 1932 (Egyptian architecture)
  • Below the building, there is a remains of Roman public building
  • In front there is a statue of an eagle (not a pigeon) bringing leтter


I always recognise the post office in Stara Zagora as my place in the city. I remember very clearly the sound, the touch and the smell of these old metal mailboxes. Have you ever sent a letter in a very own and traditional way? I am sure you did! I was such a small child when in one of my usual “promenades” I have discovered this place. I stood in front of these exactly the same mailboxes and watched what the people do. It was so interesting to watch how people bring letters, they check for the last time if they have written the correct address and then they let go the letter in the mailbox.


Here, on the facade of the building is hidden a whole story of passion for discovering the symbols of the visual world and a will to remember those visual elements (photography, drawing, graphic design).


The best way to make sure you have done a great job to discover a place is to actually enter the building you like. Of course I remember my first time seeing this hidden treasure, left by the Romans. A very exquisite mosaics, with a lot of colours and forms … which may be seen from so many angles. I also remember how difficult was for my mother to make me NOT go there … Maybe when you have a researcher spirit, you have it since you are born … I have played on this mosaic after all … 🙂


As a person I strongly believe that everyone of us has his own place that construct the personality in a unique way.

In my case I still rediscover this building and in a way I discover myself as a way of thinking, as a way of reacting and as a way of perceiving the information around me. Sometimes I found a lot of open windows, sometimes I found out only bars … It is the same thing with the letters – they connect people, they could bring you worries, but also smiles and surprises … One is for sure …nothing has changed in a way we send letters – we still check the address and the sound of this old metal mailboxes is the same …and the aroma of paper and ink is the same …

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