Willsgrove Hall/Rambling Loop – Paul Clabby

Background to Place

Ballintubber Rambling Loop begins at a castle in the centre of the village of Ballintubber in County Roscommon which is in the west of Ireland, and it is a fantastic way to explore the beauty and tranquillity of the Roscommon countryside. The trail follows an old mass path through scenic low lying farmland and was used by residents in times past as a shortcut into the village. Willsgrove Rambling House is one of the beautiful attractions on the loop (pictured below), this building was restored by the local community and it is where many traditional music sessions take place

Why do you want to highlight this place?

It is an underexplored cultural/heritage attraction on a scenic trail in Rural County Roscommon in Ireland. I would describe it as a hidden gem that has been refurbished and maintained by the community who aim to keep the memories and stories of past generations alive for years to come

What is your interest or links?

We work with the local Ballintubber Heritage Group who wishes to digitalize the stories behind the cottage, people and the community involved.

What is the story you wish to bring out

The links between the place and people and highlighting the stories and traditions of the past.

Some facts and additional information


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