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Texture Writer is an interesting tool which allows users to quickly and easily, create interesting, engaging, and unique interactive stories. Interactive stories give the reader plot options and allow the reader to make critical decisions about the main character’s experience.
Tool website: www.texturewriter.com

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What makes Texture Writer great Digital Storytelling tool?

Interactive fiction is facilitated via software simulating environments in which players/readers use text commands to control characters and influence the story environment. Quite often these works can also be understood as a form of video game, either in the form of an adventure game or role-playing game.

In the context of EU Stories, Texture Writer could be used to create and tell interactive travel or heritage stories connected to a place and time. Texture Writer will immerse the reader in these stories by giving them choices and options to decide how the story or journey progresses.

It’s sounds complex but writing interactive stories does not have to be seen as too difficult a challenge. There are are plenty of recourses and blogs to assist such as 8 Tips for Interactive Storytelling – WriteOnSisters.com which prescribes an easy to follow 8 steps to creating a great interactive story.

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To get started go to Texture Projects (texturewriter.com) where you can start creating your first story with just a few clicks. To save and publish your story, you will need to register/login.

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